Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I realise I'm a bit behind on the Graze train but I finally got round to ordering my first box! For anyone that doesn't know, Graze are a company who make up little custom made boxes of  healthy treats delivered to your door, things like flapjacks, nuts, olives, crackers etc. Before you get your box you can rate all the food on the website, saying which things you never want in your box and things you love or would like to try and they custom make a healthy balanced box and send it to your door, free delivery.

I ordered my first box on Sunday and it arrived today and I was so excited to open it when I got in from work (loser). It's so cute! I went for a nibble box (you can also choose a nutrition box with healthier snacks) and I got all kinds of lovely things. I've already eaten one of my snacks which was called 'billionaire's shortbread' and had belgian chocolate drops, almonds, cranberries and fudge pieces and it was so yummy! I've also got some honey nut cashews and two other mixed snacks including banana bits, dried strawberries and cashews.

You also get a little book with your name on telling you all the nutritional value of everything and little tokens with a code on to give to your friends so they can get a Graze box for free.

If anybody wants to try Graze for free my code is NFRK1PK3

In the same kind of vein as the healthy eating I'm also starting the 30 Day Shred. I brought some weights yesterday from the barginous TK Maxx and am hopefully going to start Day 1 today - I've heard it's hard work so wish me luck!

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