Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I realise I'm a bit behind on the Graze train but I finally got round to ordering my first box! For anyone that doesn't know, Graze are a company who make up little custom made boxes of  healthy treats delivered to your door, things like flapjacks, nuts, olives, crackers etc. Before you get your box you can rate all the food on the website, saying which things you never want in your box and things you love or would like to try and they custom make a healthy balanced box and send it to your door, free delivery.

I ordered my first box on Sunday and it arrived today and I was so excited to open it when I got in from work (loser). It's so cute! I went for a nibble box (you can also choose a nutrition box with healthier snacks) and I got all kinds of lovely things. I've already eaten one of my snacks which was called 'billionaire's shortbread' and had belgian chocolate drops, almonds, cranberries and fudge pieces and it was so yummy! I've also got some honey nut cashews and two other mixed snacks including banana bits, dried strawberries and cashews.

You also get a little book with your name on telling you all the nutritional value of everything and little tokens with a code on to give to your friends so they can get a Graze box for free.

If anybody wants to try Graze for free my code is NFRK1PK3

In the same kind of vein as the healthy eating I'm also starting the 30 Day Shred. I brought some weights yesterday from the barginous TK Maxx and am hopefully going to start Day 1 today - I've heard it's hard work so wish me luck!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Right royal knees up

Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine - The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge!

How amazing was the royal wedding! It was just wonderful and I so enjoyed watching it. Wills looked like a Disney prince and Catherine looked beautiful in her McQueen dress. Think it was a lovely that her sister and Maid of Honour, Pippa had a McQueen dress too, she looked gorgeous aswell - what a figure!

The bits that got me we're the more intimate, personal parts of the day - Like when Wills told Catherine she looked beautiful when she had got up the aisle and when they sat in the carriage and she asked him if he was happy. So sweet!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Laahndan tahn

So tomorrow I am making my second trip to London this week, not that I'm complaining! I love being in London and also found this cute picture on Tumblr earlier. Monday's trip to London was for my intern interview for Star magazine. It was a pretty informal interview for a fashion and beauty internship and I'm so happy I got it, I'll be there from July-October assisting the fashion and beauty team with shoots and press events - trés exciting. I also met one of my bestest friends Roanna lunch, went to Ask which I haven't been to in about 5 years! Was really good food and even better company!

Tomorrow is an even more exciting trip because I'm picking up my 21st Birthday cake :)! I'm having a giant cupcake from Lola's cupcakes (much like the one below, but pink) and some lovely little cupcakes nomnomnom. Going to pick it up with my Dad and my sisters so we're gonna have a trip to Camden while we're there aswell so should be a good day.

It's my birthday on the Sunday so should have some exciting things to blog about next week!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Friday afternoon I found myself back in the bosom of my family and what a wonderful place to be. I LOVE being at home - having dinner cooked for me, endless cups of tea from the sister and Sky plus on the tele, what's not to like?

It's also my birthday a week today which is super exciting. I've got lots of lovely things happening this week, including London with Dad and the sisters, picking up my Lola's birthday cake (YES!), spa day with one of my best friends and 3 birthday meals on the trot - I'm gonna have to be cut out of my birthday dress! Also seeing Wicked next Monday with the boyf, too excited!

Only thing getting in the way of my birthday week bliss is the damn dissertation. Still got 3000 words to do along with various other bits and pieces - I shouldn't complain though, soon enough I'll be finished uni and out in the big bad world and nobody wants that.

Also got an interview tomorrow for beauty and fashion intern at Star magazine - eep! So I'm hoping I impress!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The proof is in the pudding

Not a lot to blog about really. My life this week has mainly consisted of uni work and actual work. Although I did an interesting phone interview with a woman today who got her Christmas cake poisoned by a house guest and she only found out because the woman died 2 days later and her dying words were 'I poisoned Julie's Christmas cake' Pahaha how bizzare is that.

Also ordered my birthday cake today, eee! It's a giant pink strawberry flavoured cupcake from Lola's Cupcakes in London and I am trés excited to chow down on that bad boy. Also ordered two dresses off Asos because I can.

Thought the black one was a good basic and might be good for work placement at Cosmopolitan and the second one because I love the colour and I have various birthday/weddings events coming up.

Also Camilla at is having a giveaway so check it out!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Sad day...

Thoughts and feeling are with those who have been affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

No such thing as a free lunch...

Today was a more interesting Thursday than most, my morning lecture was cancelled (yes!) so had a long lie in, did a wash, tidied my room and did some uni work - so far so boring. Although this afternoon we had a luncheon with our course mates just to get everyone together.

We got a free meal, free drink and a free glass of champagne - although the champagne tasted a bit like a flannel. While we we we're toasting our great successes on the course - ahem - I realised how little time we have left at uni. Only 3 weeks left before our Easter break and then our dissertation stuff is due 11 days after we get back. Not very much time at all.

Time really has flown and it's giving me a bit of a panic, soon enough I'll be moving back home and having to find PAID internships and jobs as opposed to the unpaid ones to get your foot in the door. Either way it has given me the kick up the arse to do some work and I am doing workbook stuff now before time really does run out.