Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A blog is born...

This is my first post on Go With The Fleur and to be honest I feel a bit out of my depth! I'm an avid reader of many fashion, beauty and general lifestyle blogs and since I'm doing a journalism course and hope to be a writer, having a blog seems the right way to go.

Saying 'Go With The Fleur' out loud kind of gives you a yorkshire accent which I do not have - how deceptive. I'm actually a midlander, from Northampton although I hope to make the move to London in the next year after I graduate (eep!) from SSU. In my last year of uni studying Magazine Journalism with a couple of internships lined up (Cosmopolitan and YOU magazine, if anyone is interested) so hopefully I'll have some interesting stuff to write about in the upcoming months!

I don't actually sure what this blog is gonna include yet...probably just day to day ramblings, maybe some uni work and a dose of fashion and current affairs I'm guessing - just gonna go with the fleur

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