Thursday, 17 March 2011

The proof is in the pudding

Not a lot to blog about really. My life this week has mainly consisted of uni work and actual work. Although I did an interesting phone interview with a woman today who got her Christmas cake poisoned by a house guest and she only found out because the woman died 2 days later and her dying words were 'I poisoned Julie's Christmas cake' Pahaha how bizzare is that.

Also ordered my birthday cake today, eee! It's a giant pink strawberry flavoured cupcake from Lola's Cupcakes in London and I am trés excited to chow down on that bad boy. Also ordered two dresses off Asos because I can.

Thought the black one was a good basic and might be good for work placement at Cosmopolitan and the second one because I love the colour and I have various birthday/weddings events coming up.

Also Camilla at is having a giveaway so check it out!


  1. That phone interview sounded random! lol :/
    I'm jealous of the Lola's cupcake cake
    thanks x

  2. the peach dress is particularly nice kels! keep up the good blogging work xxx

  3. i love both those dresses , especially the orange one :) xoxo

  4. Thanks :) It's my 21st this month so planning to wear the orange dress for my birthday meal! x