Thursday, 14 April 2011

Laahndan tahn

So tomorrow I am making my second trip to London this week, not that I'm complaining! I love being in London and also found this cute picture on Tumblr earlier. Monday's trip to London was for my intern interview for Star magazine. It was a pretty informal interview for a fashion and beauty internship and I'm so happy I got it, I'll be there from July-October assisting the fashion and beauty team with shoots and press events - trés exciting. I also met one of my bestest friends Roanna lunch, went to Ask which I haven't been to in about 5 years! Was really good food and even better company!

Tomorrow is an even more exciting trip because I'm picking up my 21st Birthday cake :)! I'm having a giant cupcake from Lola's cupcakes (much like the one below, but pink) and some lovely little cupcakes nomnomnom. Going to pick it up with my Dad and my sisters so we're gonna have a trip to Camden while we're there aswell so should be a good day.

It's my birthday on the Sunday so should have some exciting things to blog about next week!


  1. Well done on getting the internship!
    That cupcake looks...really good lol xx

  2. Well done with getting the internship Kelseigh (: Sounds like such a good opportunity as its longer than your standard internship at a magazine! And happy birthday for Sunday, Lola's Cupcakes do not disappoint at all! xx

  3. Thanks guys :) Yeah I'm hoping that one of these internships will lead to a job in the end!

    Thank you! I'm very excited - never tried Lola's before! xx