Sunday, 10 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Friday afternoon I found myself back in the bosom of my family and what a wonderful place to be. I LOVE being at home - having dinner cooked for me, endless cups of tea from the sister and Sky plus on the tele, what's not to like?

It's also my birthday a week today which is super exciting. I've got lots of lovely things happening this week, including London with Dad and the sisters, picking up my Lola's birthday cake (YES!), spa day with one of my best friends and 3 birthday meals on the trot - I'm gonna have to be cut out of my birthday dress! Also seeing Wicked next Monday with the boyf, too excited!

Only thing getting in the way of my birthday week bliss is the damn dissertation. Still got 3000 words to do along with various other bits and pieces - I shouldn't complain though, soon enough I'll be finished uni and out in the big bad world and nobody wants that.

Also got an interview tomorrow for beauty and fashion intern at Star magazine - eep! So I'm hoping I impress!

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